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Who Governs You?

Posted in AmGov Projects

The "Who Governs You?" Project:

We are all governed at a variety of levels.  It is your job to do some internet research and phone-book looking to find out who governs you at the following levels and in the following bodies and organizations. You will be asked to demonstrate this information in two ways. 

First you will be asked to fill out and turn in this form, filling in all the names as appropriate. (30 points, you will lose one point for every answer left blank or incorrect.)  I obviously don't care if you work together and "cheat" - how can I stop you?  If you did all the research yourself,  I recommend you charge people for the information (sell sealed envelopes for $3 the day it's due)... or work as a team, for free.  Or do it by yourself and guarantee it gets done right.  I won't accept photocopies.  On the other hand, I do recommend these sites:  Find Your CA State Legislator and  Find Your US House Representative.

Secondly, you will be given a no-notes test on this information.  Every position with an asterisk (*) marking it is one you must know.  For repeated positions (such as Assistant Principal or City Councilmember) you only need to know one of the names for the test - your choice. The test is worth 25 points.  You will have to memorize.  No cheating there.

Federal Level of Government -

     Executive Branch -



          Secretary of State:*

          Secretary of Defense:*

          Secretary of the Interior:

          Department of Homeland Security:

          Attorney General:*

     Legislative Branch -

          State Senator #1:*

          State Senator #2:*

          Congressperson, US House of Representatives:*                        (be sure to include the district number you are in)

     Judicial Branch -

          1. Supreme Court Chief Justice:*

          2. Supreme Court Justice:* (any of these 8)

          3. Supreme Court Justice:

          4. Supreme Court Justice:

          5. Supreme Court Justice:

          6. Supreme Court Justice:

          7. Supreme Court Justice:

          8. Supreme Court Justice:

          9. Supreme Court Justice:

State Level of Government -

     Executive Branch -


     Legislative Branch -

          California State Senator:*                                                       (be sure to include the district number you are in)

          California State Assembly:*                                                     (be sure to include the district number you are in)

County Level of Government -

     Executive Branch -


          District Attorney:*

     Legislative Branch -

          1. Member of the County Board of Supervisors:* (any of these 5)

          2. Member of the County Board of Supervisors:

          3. Member of the County Board of Supervisors:

          4. Member of the County Board of Supervisors:

          5. Member of the County Board of Supervisors:

City Level of Government -


         City Council Member:* (any of these 4)

         City Council Member:

         City Council Member:

         City Council Member:

School District Level of Government -

          School Superintendent:*

          1. School Board Member:* (any of these 5)

          2. School Board Member:

          3. School Board Member:

          4. School Board Member:

          5. School Board Member:

School Site Level of Government -


          1. Assistant Principal:* (any of these 3 or 4)

          2. Assistant Principal:

          3. Assistant Principal:

          4. Assistant Principal:

          Student Government Representative/Class President:*

Classroom Level of Government -


Self-Governance -

          You (your name here):*