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American Government

Posted in CP American Government 4

Overview/Outline of the Course:

Class Rules, School Rules, and District Guidelines

Forced-Choice Exercise
The Legislative Process (Constituents and Legislators)
Amendment 2 and Proposition 187
Homework and Grades
Search, Seizure, and Publications
Harassment and Discrimination
Discussion and Revision of Legislation
Voting and Passing Legislation

Political Systems of Government

Anarchy and Dictatorship
Monarchy, Constitutional Monarchy, Oligarchy
Direct Democracy, Republic, Democratic Republic
Parliamentary Democracy, Corporatocracy, Theocracy
Totalitarianism (North Korea) Systems of Government

Economic Systems of Government:

Capitalism vs. Communism
Socialism, Mercantilism, Feudalism, Fascism

Branches and Levels of Government

History of Democratic Traditions of the US (Timeline)

The Declaration of Independence

The Federalist Papers (optional, extra-credit)

The Constitution (Main Body - Articles I - VII): Topics to be Covered -

Article I - sections 1 - 4 + Amendment XVII
Article I - sections 5 - 7
Article I - section 8
Article I - sections 9 - 10
Article II + Amendments XII
Article III
Articles IV - VI

The Bill of Rights (Amendments I - X): Topics to be Covered -

Amendment I - Freedom of Religion
Amendment I - Freedom of Speech
Amendment I - Freedom of Press
Amendment I - Freedom of Assembly
Amendment II - The Right to a Well-Regulated Militia
Amendments III and IV - Quartering/Search and Seizure
Amendments V - VIII - Rights of the Accused
Amendments IX - X - Other Rights/Powers of the States

Further Amendments (XI - XXVII): Topics to be Covered -

Amendments XIII, XV, and XXIV - Suffrage: Race and Class
Amendment XIV - Nationalizing the Bill of Rights/Due Process
Amendment XVIII/XXI - Prohibition and Repeal
Amendment XIX and XXVI - Suffrage: Gender and Age
Miscellaneous Amendments - Succession, Income and Revenue

Court Cases

George Orwell's 1984 - Political Theory and Political Reality

Book 1: Chapters I and II
Book 1: Chapters III and IV
Book 1: V and Appendix - The Principles of Newspeak
Book 1: VI to VIII
Book 2: I to IV
Book 2: V to VIII
Book 2: IX and "Chapter 3: War is Peace"
Book 2: IX cont. and "Chapter 1: Ignorance is Strength"
Book 2: X through Book 3: I
Book 3: II
Book 3: III to VI (end)

Review and Final Exam

California State Framework and Guidelines - Grade 12